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We at 1928 CO believe so strongly in the power of story, that we created the Fingerprint Session. This session is a 45-minute, professional film shoot capturing the life of someone you love. We will ask questions. They will tell stories. We will then take this footage and edit a poignant,  7-10 minute film that is yours forever (more on that below).



Here are a couple Fingerprint Sessions that we've trimmed down for demonstration purposes. Take a look at these Partial Prints to get a feel for what a final film is like.

What it's like

The film shoot is low-key and casual. Ahead of time you will receive the prompts and questions that we will be asking. There are no lines to memorize, just stories to tell. It will take about 30 minutes to set up equipment after we arrive, then we'll begin. There will be a camera and lighting, but you will be talking to a human being. It's as simple as having a conversation.

What do you mean "forever"

16mm. Betamax. VHS. Laserdisc. DVD. Hard drive. Decades and decades of different formats have left us all rummaging through attic boxes, looking for "that one video" at some point. And if it is found, a way to play it. This is what makes the cloud so beautiful.

Now, we can theoretically upload a Fingerprint Session to the cloud (YouTube) and give our children's children's children's children a link to view it. Generations can learn of their lineage directly from the people who created it.

No attic-rummaging required.

What's included

  • Story Consultation phone call
  • 45-minute, two camera, film shoot
  • Up to 10 photos and 3 videos
    (we can scan or digitize for an additional fee)

What you will receive

  • 7-10 minute professionally crafted Fingerprint Session film, delivered on all of the following:
    • DVD
    • USB Flash Drive
    • Download link
    • Private YouTube link for immediate sharing
  • The entire unedited footage from the 45-minute Fingerprint Session, in HD
  • Digitized photos/videos

What it's worth

To have the beautiful story of someone you love told, preserved, and accessible for generations to come, probably would slip into priceless territory.

But in terms of dollars, for us to give you everything mentioned here at the level of quality we maintain, a Fingerprint Session is
And it is worth every penny.
(The above pricing is for a Fingerprint Session package only. Travel or special requests could affect the final cost.)



My grandma taught me about craft. It would shock you how many hours she spent creating the most intricate and stunning birthday cards. The hand-cut lettering, the layered card stock with beveled edges, the embossed borders, almost seemed like overkill for just saying, "Hey, glad you were born a few years back." But she knew that creativity and attention to detail is what makes something special.

This has been my approach for almost two decades of filmmaking. It's not just pushing record on a camera.  It's craft.

— Ryan Long, Owner



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